What You Can Expect

Seasoned Team of Professionals – ready to answer your questions, help you through the design and construction process and address the issues that are part of buying and building a log, timber frame or rustic home.

Quality Products – providing a variety of timber, log and rustic designs, profiles, wood species and conventional materials that will achieve the look and feel of the log, timber or rustic home you have in mind.


Professional Design, and Drafting Services – develop concept ideas to final prints. Capture first on paper your dream home and then translate these into accurately milled and manufactured products such that a detailed cost estimate can be developed.

Coaching – someone to help coach you on how to stay within your budget. What you spend is up to you, but we are here to help you stay on track.

Corporate Responsibility – we own our mistakes. Should we provide an incorrect product or service, we correct the problem with no cost or impact to you.

Professional Knowledge – we know our building systems as well as residential codes and construction details necessary to design and build your home correctly the first time!

Prompt Attention – if you care enough to ask, we care enough to answer your questions in a timely and thorough manner.

Flexibility – you have the right to make changes to the plans and specifications. Our process is friendly to the revisions that are normal as you continue to refine your home.

Education – buying a home is a learning process. You can expect to learn how things are done, why they are done and what the benefit is to you as our customer. Always ask us questions!

Corporate Honor – Our company stands behind our products, services and we warranty all of our products.