Panelized Homes – A Log Alternative

barden-4Thinking of building a new home, commercial project or log home with a different and possibly a more cost effective approach then solid logs? We can help you take a look at an alternative construction method using panelized 2x wall systems. Barna Log Homes of Pennsylvania, as an independent Hamilton Building Services dealer, has partnered with Hamilton Building Services to meet these objectives. The project of your dreams, with an innovative system approach that is cost effective, of the highest quality and is subjected to the least amount of weather elements during the construction process is available to you.   

Hamiton Building Services Corporation is family owned and operated. Generations of family pride, tradition and family stability. They, along with Barna Log Homes of Pennsylvania know how to make a house your home. We are here to help you obtain your building dreams at a very competitive price!

barden-6Utilizing Hamilton Building Services, Barna Log Homes of Pennsylvania is striving to meet the the price points that many of our customers are seeking. In order to meet these goals, we are now offering a conventional building system that can be either covered by log siding and corners or can be covered with traditional materials like vinyl siding, brick or hardy board. Basically, we are building a conventional home for you or we are building a hybrid log home for you. Since we now have log, timber and conventional materials at our disposal, there is no home that we can not build for you today.

With Hamilton Building Services here are the advantages:

  • Design – We utilize our internal design team to design your home. You have Barna Log Home plans to select or you have Hamilton Building Services home plans to select from. We will work with you to either select one of our standard plans or will custom design a home for you. 
  • Materials – Construction of your material package for a hybrid home takes place indoors at the Hamilton Building Services manufacturing facility. Skilled technicians assemble the 2x components with pride and care, but without the weather. They have state-of-the-art facilities and equipment that allow them to either prebuild wall panels (both interior and exterior) or precut materials (like subfloors) or prebuild a complete truss roof system. This is in a controlled environment and without the exterior rain or snow or adverse weather conditions. This supports the highest quality, cleanest building methods to date….. and there ibarden-7s no job site waste which is extremely important and cost effective in today’s market.
  • Schedule – Our schedule depends on you, but for the most part, where a traditionally on site constructed home takes months, utilizing the Hamilton Building Services approach cuts this down to weeks. Once the home ships to your site, depending on size, we will have your home weather tight within just a couple of weeks…. and for the most part, your materials will be free from typical job site dirt and will be free from the elements that impacts so many construction projects. Once the home “shell” is up and the home is dried-in, the rest of the build will be completed at a typical build pace.
  • Construction Services – For traditional or hybrid homes, we offer the same range of services that we offer for our log or timber homes. If you want to purchase just materials for your homes, then we can provide those. If you want us to dry-in a home, we can do that…. and if you want us to build the complete home, we have no problem in getting that accomplished for you as well.