Our Log Home Story

Our family has lived in many places around the United States and one of the last locations we lived prior to coming back home to Pennsylvania, was Atlanta, GA. One weekend, about 10 years ago, we decided to take a drive to the north Georgia mountains to spend some family time when we decided to take a detour through a secondary road near Ellijay, GA. Little did we know that we would navigate to a log and timber home treasure owned by Michael Grant of Barna Log Homes of Georgia. My wife and I walked into the log and timber home and fell in love with the architecture immediately. In an instant, our lives had been transformed. Transformed in that we had found our dream home that very soon after we decided to build. We broke ground in 1999 and finally, after many trials and tribulations, we finished our home that we now show as our model.  Along the way, and after many discussions with Michael Grant, Jackie and I decided to pursue being a dealer for Jim Barna Log and Timber Homes in 2006. We are in love with the premium product, the life style, and the general atmosphere of a log and timber home and the industry.

Family and Career Background:Jackie and Joe have been married for over 30 years with two children. Joe, who is an Electrical Engineer with a BSEE degree from Penn State University, has over 30 years of business, building and leadership experience and is the President of Barna Log Homes of Pennsylvania, Inc.

Joe and Jackie were born and raised in Pennsylvania. When Joe was 20, Joe joined the U.S Marine Corps. Joe joined the Marines in 1976 and was married to Jackie in 1977.  Joe was honorably discharged in 1980 after Joe and Jackie were fortunate enough to serve our military and travel many parts of the world. While in the Marines, Joe focused in the combat engineering and construction field. In 1980 Joe pursued his graduate education at the Pennsylvania State University and graduated with a BSEE (Electrical Engineering) degree in 1984. He graduated with Honorable Distinction (Top 5% of his class).

our_story_houseIn 1984 Joe, started his Electrical Engineering career by joining Harris Corporation in Melbourne, FL where he was Senior Design Engineer managing multiple multi-million dollar product lines. Joe left Harris in 1992 when he was pursued by the start up company, Golden Enterprises, for the Vice-President of Engineering position.  In 1995 Joe left Golden Enterprises in Melbourne, FL and joined General DataComm as Regional Sales Engineering Manager. Joe supported selling telecommunications to the enterprise market for just over 3 years prior to being recruited to join Ascend Communications in 1998 as a Senior Telecommunications and Data Center Consultant. Once at Ascend, Joe was immediately promoted to Program Director for major programs for the Southeast Region. In 1999, Lucent Technologies acquired Ascend where Joe was a Services Sales Director for the BellSouth account in Atlanta until 2006.


“We are excited to be in the log and timber home business and we welcome your company to discuss log and timber homes with you. We would love to have you in our model home and are willing to share our experience to make your experience as great as ours!”

Best wishes to those that are looking to follow the path to a log or timber home,

Joe and Jackie Dymond