Material Packages

Total System Approach

Barna Log Homes of Pennsylvania believes in the total system approach to log and timber home building because it is the best way to ensure the highest quality results. Having the log or timber package, the windows and doors, required framing and siding, trim lumber and other materials delivered in a scheduled delivery package ensures that everything needed for construction will be available and of the highest quality. Barna Log Homes of PA has the capability to provide a complete materials package or if the customer requires it, they can provide a subset of the materials required to build the home. Barna Log Homes of PA also has the capability to construct the customer’s home. No matter what the customer selects, Barna Log Homes of Pennsylvania will work with our customers to meet all of their requirements.


Many of our potential customers have requested us to publish our price lists on this web site. Unfortunately, there are so many options to a log or timber home it would be close to impossible to list all the variations. What you will find is that our complete log or timber home package pricing varies between $45 and $65 per square foot of home if the customer selects one of our premium packages. This is a typical range and is subject to the many options and complexities included in a home. This price is for the complete log or timber home materials package. Should you want a Jim Barna Log and Timber Home package built on a foundation that you provide, the rough construction (to dry-in) can be completed for roughly $20 – $25/square foot (for log) and a bit more for timber frame, as an additional price to the package. Another option our customers request is pricing on a complete home (turn-key). If you want us to completely build your home (turn-key), our experience is showing that all materials and labor is costing our customers between $135 and $180/square foot. If you go with a hybrid structure (panelized framing with siding you will be on the low end and complete log/timber on the upper end of the range) Again, this is all dependant on the options you choose and the complexity of the home.

Our Packages


Our company provides a wide variety of product options, which currently consist of nine different log systems and half-log/siding over frame systems, in as many as four different log species; timber frames in pine and douglas fir; three different types of exterior windows and doors; uncut or pre-cut rafter and beam systems, each available in two different types of material; and dry-in or complete build packages with many options. Once you determine your home plan, Barna Log Homes of Pennsylvania will work with you to determine what level of package that you require; from the very basic materials system to total turn key construction.

For presentation purposes, our typical home is provided in two different package levels. Our standard materials package and our premium materials package.  The typical package we provide for a home is defined in the PDF file that is below. Please double click on the file to open it to your computer in support of reviewing what would be included in a package that we can provide. Exact packages will be discussed with you at the time you are ready to move forward building your home.

pdf Barna Log and Timber Homes Material Packages

Handcrafted Building System

Barna Log Homes of Pennsylvania also offers handcrafted log systems for your home. These large premium, handcrafted log systems provide the log home owner a log system where each log is individually measured, scribed, peeled, cut and shaped by the hands of artisans using time-tested techniques. Select timbers are chosen for their renowned size, strength and beauty as well as for the ease with which they can be shaped by hand tools. Please call us to discuss the options in support of a beautifully handcrafted Log building system.