Made in America

exterior-28In the past few years I have participated in many trade shows and I began to hear the same two questions from a variety of people.  “How much of your products are made in America?” and “Are you American owned?” It seems a new awareness has surfaced with our customers as to the importance of doing business with American owned companies and American made products.  On a personal level, I share the same interest and concern.

A good question deserves a good answer.  So I spoke with Gilbert Phillips, our Operations Manager with Jim Barna Log and Timber Homes.  Gilbert has been with us for many years and sources materials and supplies from a wide variety of vendors.  Our local company also sources some of our products and between our corporate center and our local company, this is what I can share with you:

  • Our logs, rafters and beams primarily come from North Carolina, Virginia and Georgia
  • Yellow pine rafters and beams are from Tennessee, Kentucky and Georgia
  • Architectural Glu Lams, (engineered structural lumber) comes from Mississippi and New York.
  • Tongue and groove paneling is milled in Pennsylvania
  • Dimensional lumber comes from Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey.
  • Windows and doors Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Kentucky, Minnesota
  • Rail materials, Alabama and Michigan
  • Flooring, North Carolina, Georgia and Kentucky

exterior-6We also purchase a wide variety of wood finish products, insulation, both foam and fiberglass, gasket materials, adhesives, sealants, etc. that are made in Illinois, Georgia, and West Virginia.
We also have the distinction of being the only “distributor” owned log and timber frame manufacturer in the United States.  Because we are on the front line with our customers we provide valuable insight into our production processes and our ongoing quality improvement.  During the past three years, we have added new products, floor plans and services to better accommodate our customers’ expectations.

Another thought came to mind.  We ship internationally.  So we actually are exporting materials instead of importing materials.  We do what we can to tilt the balance of trade in our direction.

We appreciate our customers’ confidence and the trust they place in us.  Your business is a privilege and we thank you for it.

Respectfully Yours,
Joe Dymond, President
Barna Log Homes of Pennsylvania, Inc.
“An American Legacy of Innovation & Craftsmanship”