Jim Barna History

riverAn inheritance of appreciation for the beauty of Nature has been passed down through the generations of the Jim Barna family — and for decades in the Jim Barna Log and Timber Homes company. Our passion for the outdoor way of life is our family tradition. It is only natural that our corporate headquarters is nestled just outside of The Big South Fork National Park. We have built upon the pioneering spirit of America’s past to bring you the best log and timber homes available today, and one that will last through generations of your family.

Jim Barna Log and Timber Homes is one of the largest and most innovative log home manufacturers in the United States. Our founder and namesake did much to shape the landscape of the current log and timber home market. His drive and direction were defined by his own words, “When I founded this company in 1976, I made a personal pledge that I would devote my full time and energies to building a company that would become the leader in the manufacture of log homes and products and that I would set the standards for our industry, year after year.” Founder Jim Barna honored his pledge and changed the industry by changing the logs. He started the trend of milling the logs to specific, uniform tolerances and joining them together with interlocking saddlenotch corners and tongue-and-groove walls. These techniques kept the structures air- and water-tight and maintained the straight lines of the logs. Since then, Jim Barna Log and Timber Homes has developed multiple log systems that provide innovation, integrity and ease of construction.

As a log home consumer, you will find that Jim Barna’s 32 years of experience in the industry are essential and that the Jim Barna Log and Timber Home building process, with over 14,000 homes to date, is complete because it integrates proven log and timber building elements with modern building techniques. Modern techniques, coupled with age-old building concepts, equal a system that will last for many generations to come.

Experience matters.